A leader in Server Management

Learn to accel your business without the worries and headaches associated with managing a server and keeping up with the latest server security threats. Managing servers and keeping up with the latest security is what we do best!
Pro-active service monitoring 24/7.


Server Management

Our full service package is for the web designer, web host or game server operator that doesn't want to become an expert at securing and updating servers. With this complete administration package we free you up to do what you do best... run your business.

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Business Solutions

Accel your company with our vast knowledge in server management and security for your clients. Let us be your personal support liaison, Professional, Knowledgable, Courteous and Dedicated to your Company and client satisfaction.

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24/7 Support

We offer ticket and phone support. The prefered method for support is offered via our ticket system. This allows us to track, respond and resolve all submitted requests. It also always us to prioritize issues on a case by case basis.

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